August Vineyard Update: Veraison

The vineyard is quietly colorful right now as our grapes go through veraison. The green berries that developed in May have reached their maximum size thanks to energy from the leafy canopy produced by photosynthesis. In addition to a color change, veraison is the transition from berry growth to berry ripening where the grape’s acidity begins to soften and sugar levels increase. Red varieties transition to a red/black color and most white varieties shift towards yellow. It is by no means a uniform transition. A cluster on one vine will have just started its color change while a cluster on the next vine may have already completed the process. This holds true for berries that are side by side on the same cluster.

The process is fast. One week the clusters will be green and two weeks later we’ll have fully colored grapes hanging from every vine. The actual trigger that initiates the process of veraison is unknown, but it does tell our winemaking team that harvest is on the horizon. Visit us at VSJ this weekend and check it out while you can!