VSJ Updates: June Bottling

bottling mosaic june 2016With our first big bottling taking place and our vineyard flourishing in full vigor, spring has already been big for us at VSJ! After months of blending wines and preparation, our bottling took place over two intense days at the winery. A specialized truck  equipped with all the bells and whistles functioned as the workhorse for the bottling run, while our Winemaker Dan oversaw the operation and executed the logistics of moving between the various wine lots. Meanwhile, our Assistant Winemaker Lauren managed the quality control, guaranteeing all corks were snug, the bottles were filled correctly, and the quality of the wine was consistently great (tough job!). We even had Cody, one of our 2015 harvest interns who is studying Wine and Viticulture at Cal Poly, return to help out with the operations and to get some valuable experience working on the bottling line.


During these busy days, our beautiful 2015 white wines–Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Rosé—were bottled and readied for their upcoming release. These wines are crisp and refreshing, but they are also creamy and lush in style because of extended barrel ageing. As a result, these wines are radiant and delightful—and will be ready to release just in time for summer! In addition, of our medium-bodied red wines were bottled, including our 2014 Grenache, Syrah, Sangiovese, and Cabernet Franc. Our winemaker is thrilled with this vintage of reds, as 2014 gave us elegant and refined wines that wonderfully capture the minerality and fruity nuance for which our estate vineyard is so well known. Lastly, we also bottled our 2013 Chorum Red blend, our special blend of 7 estate varieties! After 30 months of barrel ageing to round out its big tannins, this sumptuous red wine offers a richness and depth of flavor that we think surpasses our previous vintages of Chorum Red.


Bottling days are always important for our winemaking team, as they mark the end of a wine’s journey in our cellar and the beginning of that wine’s journey into your glass. Every bottle of wine represents months—even years—of care, attention, and nurturing of the wine by the winemaker, and so it is with great excitement, love, and best wishes that we send these new wines out into the world. Bon voyage, wines, and may they bring you as much happiness as they have brought to our team!